Archana Sarda

President, Emmes India

Why I joined Emmes

I had the opportunity to blend my information systems training with biology, one of my childhood interests. In fact, I had thought about studying to be a doctor but ended up taking college courses in engineering and computer science. Computing really excited me, and I decided to get my master’s degree in information systems in the U.S. Emmes was much smaller when I joined, but our purpose is still the same: leveraging data and computing to have a positive impact on global public health.

How I describe our firm to other people

Three characteristics stand out for me. First, we are a skill-oriented organization. Everyone, regardless of their seniority, is very hands-on and focused. Second, we believe in collaboration, and we work closely with each other and with our clients to produce valuable outcomes. Third, we’re dedicated to our clients and believe in long-term relationships and value creation.

A bit about me

I’m an enthusiastic student of Indian classical dance; it’s an outlet for my creativity. I’m a mother of two children, and I’m trying to raise them with the values I grew up with. I also think it’s important to make a contribution to society, and we’ve made this an integral part of our life as a family.

The best part about working here

I am learning every day!

The best compliment I’ve ever received about Emmes

Internally, when my colleagues say that Emmes feels like a family, that’s a great compliment to the working environment we have here. On the client side, a senior industry leader recently told me that he has been impressed with the involvement of the Emmes team at every stage of the study. He told me that he’d never seen that level of dedication or commitment to the overall success of a study.

Something I’m most proud of

Opening our Emmes India office and seeing us actively contribute to the public health needs of the country.

My background

I joined the company in 2001, and I spent my early years here on our vaccine and infectious disease team. After getting some additional project management training and education, I led the development of a number of Emmes products. I’ve also had the privilege of overseeing the technological side of some of our large clinical research and bioinformatics projects. Since 2006, my priority has been to grow our office in India, and I’m very proud of our success.


M.S., information systems, George Mason University
B.E., computer science, Mumbai University

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