Chandrapal Mandloi

Software Architect

Why I joined Emmes

Emmes provided me the platform to use my technical skills to help people.

How I describe our firm to other people

Plenty of opportunities to learn about clinical research and work on innovative web technologies.

A bit about me

I am a technology enthusiast who loves to read and implement innovative technical solutions. In my free time, I love to spend time with my daughters and play real time strategy computer games.

How I chose my career

In India, “computers” became the newest trend in 1998. There was a lot of hype and excitement about personal computers. Parents started to send their kids to computer classes. My parents enrolled me into introductory courses. I became fascinated by computers, not for their amazing capability of fast processing but for providing me with a platform to play computer games. It was around the same time I started learning Dbase II, Basic and other programming languages. I ended up learning a lot more and eventually choosing my career because of my interest in computer games.

The best part about working here

The best part about working here are the people and work life balance. My team members are really collaborative and energetic.

My background

I have worked as software engineer at different companies and designed several customer web applications. I am a full stack software engineer with lot of experience in evolving applications to next generation. The most fun and challenging project was redesigning Advantage eClinical.


Bachelor of Technology, chemical engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay