Don Vena

Vice President, Oncology Therapeutic Research Area

Why I joined Emmes

When I interviewed, my impression was that Emmes was a well-managed and forward-thinking company with good growth prospects. The company fostered my growth into a leadership position, and I don’t think I would have had these opportunities anywhere else.

How I describe our firm to other people

We’re project-driven and collaborative. There’s a high level of trust with our clients. We’re allowed to be innovative. We develop tools that satisfy the unique needs of our clients.

A bit about me

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, hiking and playing what only slightly resembles golf. My wife and I love to travel, including visiting our now-grown children.

The best compliment I’ve ever received about Emmes

I was approached at an investigators meeting by a protocol chair who commented that two of my colleagues were “rock stars.” Clients will often drop quick emails to tell us about someone who’s done an excellent job. I see the words, “professional”and “wonderful,” quite often.

Something I’m most proud of

Serving as the principal investigator for the AIDS Malignancies Consortium. The client asked if we could step in as the operations and data management center; it was a major undertaking and huge responsibility. Ultimately, it was a big success!

My background

Emmes has been my home for most of my career. I spent three years as a statistical programmer for a local company and then joined Emmes in 1987 as a statistician. I was very fortunate to join the company when I did; we were quite small but had interesting and diverse projects. My first project supported a cancer therapy program, and I’ve been able to build these client relationships for 25 years.


B.S., statistics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute

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