Hemang Maniar

Chief Information Officer

Why I joined Emmes

I was looking for an organization that would give me the opportunity to see the results of my work. An added bonus was that it let me fulfill my childhood dream of making a difference in human lives.

How I describe our firm to other people

We provide a cutting-edge infrastructure and professional services to support successful clinical research around the world. Our name may not be on the front page, but if there’s any type of epidemic or disease concern, our people will be working on it.

A bit about me

I am a family-oriented person and frequently shuttle my daughter to and from her sports and other activities. Personally, I enjoy traveling with family and friends, learning various cultures, and exploring vegetarian delicacies.

The best part about working here

Our people and our culture. Our team members are passionate about what they do and they love to help our clients succeed. We have a collaborative environment that encourages innovation and inclusion of everyone regardless of their position or tenure. Employees get many opportunities to participate in individual training and career development programs.

The best compliment I’ve ever received about Emmes

I was speaking to a group about the H1N1 studies our people were working on. One person came up to me afterwards and said, “Thank you for keeping us safe.” That kind of comment is really the driving force behind my work.

My background

I held consultant and software programmer positions at number of companies before joining Emmes in 2003. Three years later, I became director of software development and, in 2012, director of software development and computer systems. I wear multiple hats, providing solutions to different problems and working on cross-department teams. One responsibility is to create the vision and implement the strategies, architecture and roadmap for our suite of software products; another is software development delivery and technical services. My greatest sources of pride come from helping align our technical goals with overall business goals, creating an innovative culture within the department, and building a team of problem-solvers that continues to grow the company.


M.S., computer science, Mississippi State University
B.E., mechanical engineering, Bombay University (Mumbai, India)
Certificate, software engineering, Mississippi State University

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