Keri Hammel

Vice President, Ophthalmic Therapeutic Research Area

Why I joined Emmes

I had a project management background but had never done clinical research. When the manager who interviewed me learned that my mother had been blinded in a car accident, he thought I might be a good fit for a research project involving eye disease. He was right! It’s something that I felt a personal connection with and that I could be passionate about.

How I describe our firm to other people

We’re like a family.

A bit about me

My family enjoys music and attending live music events (i.e., concerts, festivals). I grew up in a musical family with gospel roots and I have now passed on the love to my daughter, as she loves to sing and listen to the same artists I do.

Something I’m most proud of

Although I had project management and statistical experience, I’d never done clinical research when I came to Emmes. I had to learn quickly. When my boss moved into a different job, I had the opportunity to sink or swim. Emmes took a chance on me. Luckily, I swam!

The best compliment I’ve ever received about Emmes

Our project officer wrote me a wonderful note; it speaks volumes about Emmes’ partnership with our clients. The note mentioned that a number of investigators and the director who had said our team was “invaluable to their research.” He added that their branch has four sections and that they considered our team the fifth. The fact that we’re viewed as an integral part of the client team is so gratifying.

My background

I spent about seven years working as a program manager for a research and consulting firm before starting at Emmes as a statistician in 2002. Two years later, I had the chance to become a principal investigator and, in 2014, I was promoted to senior investigator. I think that validates the opportunity for growth and development here. You get on-the-job experience, mentoring, in-house training classes, plus outside educational assistance and seminars.


M.S., statistics for policy analysis, The American University
B.A., political science, Susquehanna University

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