Kim Wilkinson

Director, Medical Writing

Why I joined Emmes

There was an exciting opportunity to build the medical writing group, develop tools and processes, and improve the quality of clinical regulatory documents.

How I describe our firm to other people

Emmes is a clinical research organization that works with a variety of government and biopharma clients to develop and run their clinical studies. We support every area from developing the clinical study protocol, running the study, analyzing the data, and preparing the final report.

A bit about me

I keep chickens and bees and am an avid gardener. I enjoy spending time with my family, attending New England Revolution soccer games, and getting outdoors hiking and camping.

How I chose my career

I began as a research scientist and transitioned out of the lab into medical writing. I’ve always loved writing, and I enjoy writing both clinical regulatory documents and manuscripts, where I can really ‘tell the story’ of the science.

Best part about working at Emmes

I enjoy the variety of work that comes our way, including infectious diseases, food allergies, oncology, and ophthalmology. We’ve worked on protocols, clinical study reports, and submission documents, the variety keeps things interesting and provides the group an opportunity to develop their document repertoire and expand their therapeutic knowledge.

My background

I worked in the lab as a research scientist and transitioned out as a business manager for the Cancer Biology Department at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, where I was fully immersed in oncology supporting the research faculty. I began writing publications in biopharma and moved into the clinical regulatory space, where I’ve supported successful NDA submissions for oncology.


BSc Biological Sciences (Hons), Virology (University of Edinburgh, UK)
MSc, Molecular Parasitology and Vector Biology (University of Manchester, UK)
PhD, Cell Biology and Immunology (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Associated projects

Medical Writing supports a variety of projects across the organization.