Lucas Barwick

Associate Director, Data Management

Why I joined Emmes

Emmes was my first job after completing my undergraduate degree in Psychology/Neuroscience. I was intrigued by the opportunity to support projects directly relevant to my degree. The ability to combine my research interests and technical skills to meaningfully contribute to clinical research appealed to me and it was clear after my interviews with several Emmes projects that the staff felt the same way.

How do you describe Emmes to other people

We support clinical research projects that helps bring new drugs and devices to market, improve labeling on existing drugs, and contribute towards improvement of public health through observational studies.

A bit about me

I love sharing my interests with my two daughters and seeing their personalities shine through with their own. I’m an avid DIY-er and very much enjoy working with my hands, from doing home repairs/upkeep to restoring old motorcycles to working on our cars, bicycles, etc. I’m a perpetually curious person and enjoy pursuing new hobbies and experiences. Backpacking, hiking, cycling, running, bowling, and swimming are some of my favorite forms of exercise.

How I chose my career

I tell people I didn’t choose my career, my career chose me. As an undergraduate I was on track towards becoming a clinical psychologist, but it became clear towards the end of my undergraduate studies that it was not going to be the right path for me. I had had minimal exposure to clinical trials research through some of my college coursework, and I had even less knowledge of data management and what it entailed within the industry. After researching Emmes and learning about the scope of data management support the company provided I decided the job was enough of a fit to at least give it a try. I quickly realized the work, people, and company culture was an excellent match for my personality, values, and interests. More than a decade later I continue to hold to that belief and cannot imagine a better career path to where I am today at Emmes.

Best part about working at Emmes

Getting to work with people who foster friendliness, collaboration, work/life balance and an overall positive company culture.

My background

I joined Emmes right after college and have been with the company ever since. I was hired as an Associate Data Manager supporting the National NeuroAIDS Tissue Consortium (NNTC), interfacing with investigators around the globe to shape requests for banked CNS and peripheral specimens in support of their research. This role offered unique exposure to various technologies at Emmes and allowed me to pursue a SAS programming certification, preparing me for other roles at Emmes including Data Manager and Protocol Specialist for the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act project (BPCA), Project Manager for the Lung Tissue Research Consortium (LTRC), and Project Leader for North American Renal Transplant Collaborative Studies (NAPRTCS), one of Emmes’ longest running projects. I have served on Emmes’ Data Management Task Force, taught internal training courses, and continue to provide data management subject matter expertise on proposals for new business opportunities. My combined experience across a variety of roles and projects at Emmes has paved the way for my role as Associate Director within the Data Management Department.

A challenge I’ve overcome

Becoming a new father early in my career and learning to balance my work life and personal life. Thankfully I had tremendous support from colleagues to help ease the burden!

Something I’m most proud of

Having the opportunity to train and mentor many different DMs during my time at Emmes and seeing them progress in their careers, find their niche interests, and be successful in their roles.

A career highlight

When we won the LTRC contract, we were absorbing the work from another CRO. The study had already been ongoing for 10 years so as Project Manager I had to immediately engage with the client and the sites to build their confidence in Emmes as the new Data Coordinating Center. Transferring the existing data into our own system, developing a new Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS) to store study images, and maintaining continuity in study process during the transition period were all challenges the project team had to overcome to ensure the study remained successful in Emmes’ hands. It was my first time leading a project and I’ll always remember the collaborative efforts the Emmes team contributed and the accolades we received from the client at study closure.


B.S., Psychology/Neuroscience, Bridgewater College

Associated projects

North American Pediatric Renal Trials and Collaborative Studies (NAPRTCS)
The Standardized Care to Improve Outcomes in Pediatric End-stage Renal Disease (SCOPE) collaborative
Data Management Resourcing
Data Management Proposals/Budgeting