Lynn Lewis

Chief Business Officer

Why I joined Emmes

The people. I loved the collaborative spirit, the mission and vision. It’s clear that employees are totally dedicated to partnering with our clients to tackle human health problems around the world. One other reason I joined was that the chief business officer position was a new one at Emmes. It’s a “white board,” in which I have great flexibility and the opportunity to help the company grow. I want to continue to extend our legacy with government agencies and reach more biotech and pharma clients.

The best compliment I’ve ever received about Emmes

This related to a large team of our employees involved in providing data and statistical analysis for clinical trials associated with new therapies and vaccines to address COVID-19. We received a letter from our client noting how quickly we were able to get their trial up and running. In less than four days from receiving the study protocol, we already had the first patient enrolled. It was a proud moment for everyone.

How I describe our firm to other people

Again, I talk about our people. Passionate. Collaborative. Smart. Dedicated to solving human health challenges.

My background

I got my start at Eli Lilly & Company and worked there for 16 years. I then spent 15 years at Covance Inc., a contract research organization (CRO). I started there as vice president of global sales, marketing and commercial development for its central lab division. I led commercial teams in three other divisions as well, and along the way was promoted to group vice president. I also worked as the Chief Commercial Officer for Envigo, a pre-clinical CRO serving biopharma companies, before coming to Emmes.

A career highlight

When I was a product team leader at Lilly, I led a scientific and commercial team aimed at bringing a new product, Forteo, to market. This involved leading the group in developing a global vision, strategic direction, brand strategy and execution, as we were securing U.S. and European regulatory approvals. The product has helped millions of people around the world with severe osteoporosis, and the work and outcome were so rewarding.

A bit about me

I’ve traveled to six out of the seven continents, and I do plan to go to Antarctica someday. I love history and learning about different cultures, so world travel is my passion. Another goal is to spend more time giving back to society and trying to make a bigger impact on important priorities like protecting our environment.


M.B.A., University of North Carolina
B.S., biology, Bucknell University