Miebi Stuekerjuergen

Software Quality Assurance Manager

Why I joined Emmes

I was impressed with the impact EMMES was making in public health as demonstrated through numerous journal publications.

How I describe our firm to other people

The company specializes in certain disease areas and provides support for clinical trials, such as statistical analysis, data management and protocol monitoring.

A bit about me

I love spending time with my husband and child. My hobbies include running, dancing, and organizing.

How I chose my career

I joined the Software Quality Assurance area because I enjoy creating standards and testing new systems.

The best part about working here

The people I work with are friendly, passionate and team-oriented.

My background

EMMES was my second job after I graduated from college. I started out as a Data Manager in 2011 in the Vaccines and Infectious disease group and was later asked to join the Software Quality Assurance team.


B.S. Biology, University of Virginia