Noble Shore

Associate Vice President

Why I joined Emmes

I was looking for an opportunity to do something that helped people where I could put my technical skills to good use.

How I describe our firm to other people

We help determine whether drugs in development are safe and effective.

A bit about me

I've been a tournament bridge player for over 20 years. I've finished 2nd and 3rd place in national championship events. I also love the beach!

How I chose my career

I joined Emmes two years after I graduated from college. Emmes was my third job, but it was the first where I saw the results of my work making a difference in a production system. I've been fortunate to work on many other interesting and fulfilling projects over the past 15 years.

The best part about working here

Emmes really values you as a person.

My background

I'm originally from Rockville, MD. I moved back to the area in 2004 to take a software engineering job at a defense contractor, and a year later I ended up at Emmes. One of the most fun projects I had while working at Emmes was a risk-based monitoring solution I designed for our Advantage systems during the H1N1 pandemic.


M.S. software engineering, University of Maryland
B.S. computer science, Carnegie Mellon University

Associated projects