Thursday, May 24, 2018

This is to inform you about how your personal data is processed by NEOX s.r.o. These principles describe how your personal data is obtained and processed. At the same time, please be assured that any and all personal data processed is considered as strictly confidential by NEOX s.r.o. and is handled in compliance with applicable legal regulations. Personal data is under the control and protection of NEOX s.r.o., and NEOX s.r.o. has established mechanisms to ensure an adequate protection of processed personal data against its misuse.

The text below does not apply to information about legal entities (such as the trade name, legal form and contact data).

1. Who is the controller of your personal data?

NEOX s.r.o., ID: 62917927, registered office at Pancířova 1196/2, 143 00 Praha 4 is the controller and processor; NEOX s.r.o. collects, keeps and processes your personal data for the purposes of its own business activities.

Within NEOX s.r.o., personal data is available only to authorised employees, and only in the scope absolutely necessary for the processing purposes. We put great emphasis on the safety policy in NEOX s.r.o., on confidentiality of our employees, adherence to our internal guidelines and choice of suitable contracting partners.

2. What personal data related to you do we process?

The personal data include identification information (particularly the first name, surname, academic title, company identification number and tax identification number) and contact information (particularly the contact address, telephone number, e-mail address); additionally, personal data includes information based on our communication with you. You have communicated all the above mentioned personal data to us in the scope of our cooperation. Personal data is processed by NEOX s.r.o. in the paper and/or electronic form.

3. Reasons for the processing of personal data

Personal data is processed by NEOX s.r.o. primarily for legal reasons related to the performance of contracts. This comprises cases where any contractual obligation is performed, including business and financial communication.

Furthermore, personal data is processed by NEOX s.r.o. as part of our legal obligations under the law (accounting, tax deductions, wage and personnel agenda, interactions with state authorities).

When a candidate applies for a position at NEOX s.r.o., their personal data is processed based on their consent provided for the selection procedure, and this data is used for evaluation of suitable candidates and for subsequent correspondence.

4. How long is personal data retained?

Your personal data is retained for a period absolutely necessary to assure all rights following from a contract, i.e. at least for the duration of the contractual relationship (including the period of full settlement of the rights and obligations under a given contract with demonstration of the history of the contractual relationship), and furthermore for the time for which NEOX s.r.o. is obliged to keep personal data based on applicable legislation, or for the time as allowed for personal data processing in the consent you have provided.

5. Is the processing of your personal data voluntary?

Personal data processing is based on your consent in all cases, unless carried out based on another legal title. In other cases, the processing of personal data is not voluntary and its legitimacy is based on the above mentioned legal reasons.

6. What are your rights with respect to the processing of your personal data?

According to applicable legislation, you have the following rights with respect to NEOX s.r.o.:

  • Right to access your personal data
  • Right to request rectification of inaccurately processed personal data
  • Right to erasure (in particular, if the data is no longer necessary in relation to its purpose of processing; upon withdrawal of the consent on which the personal data processing was based)
  • Right to portability of your personal data
  • Right to withdraw your consent
  • Right to object to personal data processing by NEOX s.r.o.
  • Right to file a complaint with respect to personal data processing by NEOX s.r.o. with the Office for Personal Data Protection (Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Praha 7)

Please, contact us at the e-mail address if you want to apply your rights. NEOX s.r.o. reserves the right to use reasonable means to verify the applicant’s identity. We will gladly respond to all your questions regarding personal data protection. We shall develop all reasonable efforts to provide, rectify or erase your personal data from our records. We will respond to any claim regarding your rights within a reasonable period of time corresponding to technical and administrative capabilities of NEOX s.r.o.