Supriya Menezes, MS

Director and Biostatistician, Ophthalmic Therapeutic and Research Unit

Why I joined Emmes

Technically, this is my second tour of duty at Emmes, so that in and of itself speaks volumes. The primary reasons that drew me to Emmes initially were the scientific and research opportunities that I could explore and the collaborative nature of the Emmes project teams. I was also comforted by the fact that I would not be the sole Biostatistician but that I would be part of a large group of my peers.

How I describe our firm to other people

Emmes is a growing full service clinical research organization that strives to maintain high quality of expertise in our deliverables and scientific integrity.

A bit about me

I love traveling and it is always a huge bonus when we meet up with family and/or friends who live in different parts of the globe. I thoroughly enjoy baking, learning to cook different cuisines, and I am a novice knitter. Perhaps someday, I will have a food truck and sell some handmade knitwear.

How I chose my career

Looking back, I believe my career grew organically and did not follow any set plan. During my undergrad studies, theoretical statistics came relatively easy to me thereby, allowing me to enjoy all aspects of my college experience while maintaining a decent GPA. In my graduate studies, I developed a lot of satisfaction in applying statistical models to solve real world problems and provide meaningful inferences. With the addition of a management and computer science degree, my programming and organizational skills were bolstered, propelling my career as a statistician and leader.

The best part about working here

Without a doubt the people i.e. our project teams, my colleagues and peers, and my collaborators. Additionally, the scientific, business, and operational challenges that come my way allow me to provide thoughtful and creative solutions. Most importantly, I thoroughly enjoy training and mentoring as it gives me a lot satisfaction at this stage of my career.

My background

I grew up in the small beautiful coastal state of Goa, India and moved out when pursuing my undergraduate degree in Statistics and Mathematics. I went on to graduate school and received my Masters in Computer Science and Management. Upon graduating, I chose to pursue graduate studies in Statistics here in the US. I applied to different programs and decided to go to Oakland University as I was the recipient of the Ford Motor Company Co-op scholarship. I was truly excited by a work-study program and savored the experience. My graduate advisor was very keen that I proceed to get my doctoral degree; however, the taste of corporate life led me to work for a biotech company, Genelogic, located in Maryland. Five years later, I joined Emmes to support the Biometrics Research Branch at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in developingstatistical software that bench scientists could use to analyze genomic data. After seven years of leading that project, I joined a statistical consulting firm in Washington DC where I gained varied experiences working on different therapeutic studies alongside some brilliant statisticians. Now that I am back to Emmes, I lead the National Eye Institute Support (NEI) project and I am the Co-Director of the Ophthalmic therapeutic unit at Emmes.


MS, applied sciences, Oakland University, Michigan, 1999
MS, computer science, Pune University, Pune, India, 1997
BS, statistics and mathematics, Ferguson College, Pune University, 1995

Associated projects

Gene Transfer Research Studies
DSMB services