Emmes Brand Story

At Emmes, we believe in the power of truth. We believe in it so much that we named our company Emmes, which means truth.

Truth is essential for client relationships and the advancement of human health

As people, we are curious seekers of the truth. We ask a lot of questions and are problem solvers by nature. Clients come to us to seek honest assessments of their research plans. We aim to be sincere, transparent and collaborative with them and each other.

Cross communication helps grow collaboration

Our people thrive in a collaborative culture that empowers every Emmes employee — from entry level through top executive — to contribute to our clients’ success by sharing ideas openly and honestly. We maintain the same type of authenticity in our collaborations with clients, vendors and others.

Emmes’ visual identity reflects our commitment to collaboration, truth seeking and scientific analysis. Our original logo featured a delta and sigma symbol, representing change and variability — the two important parameters needed to estimate sample sizes in clinical trials.

The current Emmes logo features the wedding of the M letters in our name, symbolizing a legacy of collaboration in the healthcare community. It also incorporates a torch composed of the delta and sigma symbols, communicating our dedication to truth-seeking and shedding light on important human health issues worldwide. It’s a powerful visual symbol of our past, present and future.

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