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Message from Darby Thompson, Emmes Canada President

Darby Thompson

Emmes means truth, and we are proud to bring Emmes to Canada.

Since we opened our Vancouver, Canada office in 2012, it has been our absolute pleasure to bring Emmes’ tradition of collaboration, creativity and quality to our clients

We are proud to support the thriving life sciences industry in Western Canada and the West Coast of the United States. Our clients are enthusiastic and committed to research that makes a healthier world, and so are we.

Our Canadian office supports clinical trials and human health research projects with statistical and data science. Our primary focus has been in statistical support of clinical trials for therapeu-tics, including biologics and devices, as well as biomarker development, validation and utility as-sessment, and human health research. Our work spans oncology, cardiology, rheumatology, ophthalmology, endocrinology, infectious disease, rehabilitation, and other areas of medicine.

Emmes provides clinical research services supported by software solutions and deep therapeutic area & biostatistical expertise


At Emmes, we provide a broad range of clinical research services supported by software solutions, a team of therapeutic area thought leaders and a global infrastructure built over four decades.

Emmes Bioinformatics, data management, and clinical trial professionals work seamlessly to produce high quality data globally

Statistical Design

Our consulting and study design services can support you across a wide array of clinical and preclinical experiments. By integrating our statistical leadership in the earliest stages of your project, your product development path can be made as efficient as possible. As a result, you can be assured of robust quick-wins and/or fast-fails with strategic and efficient study design.

Statistical Analysis

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you on the development and execution of statistical analysis plans, data visualization and graphics, analyses independent from the sponsor and secondary, exploratory or confirmatory analyses independent from the investigators.

Predictive Analytics

Recognizing that an important component of your statistical analysis is predictive analytics, we use the most sophisticated data mining, machine learning algorithms, and robust validation process to assure your success.

Emmes Bioinformatics, data management, and clinical trial professionals work seamlessly to produce high quality data globally

Biomarker Discovery, Validation and Utility Assessment

Emmes stands out among CROs specifically for the depth and breadth of our bioinformatics expertise. Our goal is to help you plan the discovery and validation process necessary to assure long-term viability, generalizability and clinical utility of your product for insurance reimbursement.

Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) Services

We are here to help you across the entire development and regulatory process. Through our network, we identify committee members and provide administrative support consistent with all guidance documents. We can serve as the independent, statistical center that provides and presents reports to the committees, regardless of whether we administer them or not.

Data Management

We know that your project fundamentally depends on flawless data management. Using trusted, proven procedures and software solutions, we collect data, validate it, organize it and distribute it efficiently from anywhere in the world.

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