Emmes Select

At Emmes, we recognize that people are the foundation of our success. We understand that there are circumstances and seasons of life that affect each person’s accessibility. Whether it be to care for a family member, attend school, or slowly enter into retirement, every individual needs options and flexibility. With Emmes Select, employees can SELECT less hours, SELECT their workstyle, and SELECT how to utilize their extra time.

Emmes Select

Thinking of retiring, reentering the work force, or just need to work less hours to accommodate life’s demands? Emmes offers a part time solution under the Emmes Select program. Emmes Select will offer you flexibility and choice to work on your own terms and gain exposure to a variety of projects. You’ll also receive training and education opportunities that will benefit you throughout your career.


Flexible Opportunities

Through Emmes Select you can choose your own path for whatever stage you are in. Opportunities are offered within most Emmes functions in the US, including scientific based disciplines such biostatistics, bioinformatics, clinical research and within our business corporate support groups such as marketing, business development, information technology systems and other cross-functions areas. Emmes will offer you rewarding opportunities and career paths at all levels and areas of expertise.

Kristine Nelson
"When it was time for me to consider retiring, I still planned to find some part time work. So, I asked Emmes if there were any opportunities for me to stay on part time. To my surprise Emmes said absolutely we would welcome you to stay with us as a part time employee. For this, I am forever grateful to Emmes."
- Kristine Nelson, Clinical Ops Global Resource Management Director


We are pleased to provide you with a wide range of benefits that meet your needs. You have the flexibility to choose the benefits that are right for you whether it is just you, plus one, or your family - to keep you physically and financially healthy now and in the future. Emmes offers part-time benefits to employees working 8 to 29 hours and full-time employees working 30 to 40 hours a week. Benefits may differ depending on the amount of hours worked per week.

Emmes Internship Program

The Emmes Internship Program provides a qualified pool of trained, prospective employees for future hiring needs. Emmes will provide internships to students that offer applied learning opportunities with meaningful real-life, hands-on work experiences while promoting our commitment to supporting important public health issues.

  • Interns must be currently enrolled in an Undergraduate, Master’s or PhD program
  • All internship positions will all be compensated per FLSA guidelines
  • The typical length of an internship ranges from 2-3 months and 20-40 hours weekly

Please contact the ERC at EMMESSELECT@emmes.com with any questions.

“I started with Emmes as a full-time biostatistics intern. It was a wonderful experience, and through it I came to really value Emmes as a company and the work we do here. My team has been so helpful and flexible as I transitioned to a part-time Associate Biostatistician, letting me set my hours and supporting me as I continue my education!”
Sarah Fairfax, Associate Biostatistician