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CoFAR conducts basic clinical and epidemiological studies to investigate food allergies, develop treatment strategies, and elucidate the underlying mechanism in the development of food allergy. The specific aims of the Statistical and Clinical Coordinating Center (SACCC) are to support the coordination of study activities including: meeting support; protocol development and coordination; web-based centralized data management and information dissemination; regulatory support; pharmacy support; safety monitoring; analytical support for all clinical trials and observational studies.


In July 2006, we began enrollment into our first study which is an observational study of food allergy. The study is researching the development of peanut allergy in infants (3 to 15 months in age) with known milk or egg allergy. This study is now closed to enrollment.

A second study, Egg Oral Immunotherapy, was opened in July 2007. This 2 year treatment study is investigating the outcome in egg allergic individuals (6 to 18 years) who receive a powdered egg product or placebo by mouth. This study is now closed to enrollment.

A third study, Peanut Sublingual Immunotherapy, was opened in April 2008. This 4 year treatment study is investigating the outcome in peanut allergic individuals (12-40 years) who receive a liquid peanut product or placebo under the tongue. This study is now closed to enrollment.

A fourth study, EMP-123, was opened in March 2009. This is a 7 month first in human Phase I trial investigating the safety and possible side effects of a peanut vaccine in healthy volunteers first and then in peanut allergic subjects (18-40 years). This study is open to enrollment.


Mount Sinai Medical Center
Duke University Medical Center
Johns Hopkins University
National Jewish Health
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

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