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A. E. Ross, Ghadessi, M., Davicioni, E., Crisan, A., Buerki, C., Erho, N., Mitra, A. P., Thompson, D. J. S., Triche, T. J., Feng, F. Y., and Schaeffer, E. M., Validation of a Genomic Classifier That Predicts Metastatic Disease Rogression in Men with Biochemical Recurrence Post Radical Prostatectomy, in American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2013, Chicago, IL, 2013.
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P. Szabolcs, Mendizabal, A., Wilfret, D., Reese, M., Vinesette, R., Page, K., Parikh, S., and Kurtzberg, J., Time Sensitive Parameters of Immune Reconstitution Measured Between Day 100 and 1 Year Predict Survival After Unrelated Cord Blood Transplant (UCBT): The Dynamic Impact of Dendritic Cells, Tregs, and Thymic Recovery, presented at the 2011, Honolulu, HI, 2011, vol. 17 No 2 Su, p. S229.
, Wilfret, D., Reese, M., Vinesett, R., Page, K., Parikh, S. H., and Kurtzberg, J., Time Sensitive Parameters of Immune Reconstitution Measured Between Day 100 and 1 Year Predict Survival After Unrelated Cord Blood Transplant (UCBT): The Dynamic Impact of Dendritic Cells, Tregs, and Thymic Recovery., in European Society of Hematology World Cord Blood Congress, Marseille, 2010.
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Targeted Sequencing of 7 Genes Can Help Reduce Pathologic Misclassification of MDS, presented at the 05Nov2020, 2020.
N. Oden and Sharma, G., Tangency Outcomes for Clinical Trials, in Society for Clinical Trials 35th Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, 2014.
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T. McLellan, Tai, B., and Gore-Langton, R., Symposium: CTN Electronic Medical Records Project - Implication of Adopting Standardized Core-Date Elements in Health IT Systems of Drug Abuse Treatment Providers, in American Psychological Association (APA) 119th Convention, Washington, DC, 2011.
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J. McNeely, McLeman, B., Gardner, T., Nesin, N., Farkas, S., Wahle, A., Pitts, S., Kline, M., King, J., Rosa, C., Marsch, L., Rotrosen, J., and Leah, H., Successful Implementation of Substance Use Screening in Rural Federally-Qualified Health Centers Identified High Rates of Unhealthy Alcohol, Cannabis, and Tobacco Use, in The College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD), Minneapolis, MN, 2022.