Safety and immunogenicity of recombinant low-dosage HIV-1 A vaccine candidates vectored by plasmid pTHr DNA or modified vaccinia virus Ankara (MVA) in humans in East Africa.

Publication Type
Journal Article
Year of Publication
Jaoko, Walter; Nakwagala, Frederick N; Anzala, Omu; Manyonyi, Gloria Omosa; Birungi, Josephine; Nanvubya, Annet; Bashir, Farah; Bhatt, Kirana; Ogutu, Hilda; Wakasiaka, Sabina; Matu, Lucy; Waruingi, Wambui; Odada, Jane; Oyaro, Micah; Indangasi, Jackton; Ndinya-Achola, Jeckonia; Konde, Carol; Mugisha, Emmanuel; Fast, Patricia; Schmidt, Claudia; Gilmour, Jill; Tarragona, Tony; Smith, Carol; Barin, Burc; Dally, Len; Johnson, Bruce; Muluubya, Andrew; Nielsen, Leslie; Hayes, Peter; Boaz, Mark; Hughes, Peter; Hanke, Tomáš; McMichael, Andrew; Bwayo, Job; Kaleebu, Pontiano
Date Published
2008 May 23
Adult; AIDS Vaccines; Epitopes, T-Lymphocyte; Female; Flow cytometry; gag Gene Products, Human Immunodeficiency Virus; Genetic Vectors; HIV-1; Humans; Interferon-gamma; Kenya; Leukocytes, Mononuclear; Male; Placebos; Plasmids; Uganda; Vaccines, DNA; Vaccinia virus

The safety and immunogenicity of plasmid pTHr DNA, modified vaccinia virus Ankara (MVA) human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) vaccine candidates were evaluated in four Phase I clinical trials in Kenya and Uganda. Both vaccines, expressing HIV-1 subtype A gag p24/p17 and a string of CD8 T-cell epitopes (HIVA), were generally safe and well-tolerated. At the dosage levels and intervals tested, the percentage of vaccine recipients with HIV-1-specific cell-mediated immune responses, assessed by a validated ex vivo interferon gamma (IFN-gamma) ELISPOT assay and Cytokine Flow Cytometry (CFC), did not significantly differ from placebo recipients. These trials demonstrated the feasibility of conducting high-quality Phase 1 trials in Africa.