Worldwide survey of AIDS vaccine challenge studies in nonhuman primates: vaccines associated with active and passive immune protection from live virus challenge.

Publication Type
Journal Article
Year of Publication
Warren, J T; Dolatshahi, M
J Med Primatol
Date Published
1992 Feb-May
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome; AIDS Vaccines; Animals; Databases, Factual; Disease Models, Animal; Humans; immunization; Immunization, Passive; Primates

An AIDS Vaccine Surveillance System (AVSS) was designed and implemented to track the rapidly growing international database supporting the development of promising AIDS vaccines. Both preclinical nonhuman primate (NHP) and clinical human trials are tracked by the AVSS. This report presents summary data generated from the AVSS on the NHP AIDS vaccine/live virus challenge studies only. Summary data on more than 100 preclinical HIV/SIV vaccines are presented within the framework of 1) 13 arbitrary Vaccine Types, 2) studies grouped by animal model (i.e., chimpanzee/HIV-1, and macaque/SIV, HIV-2), and 3) immunization approach (i.e., active and passive). Systematic and timely presentations of these summary data, both here and in future reports, aim to promote a clearer understanding of both earlier and more recent preclinical AIDS vaccine developments.