Frontloading In The Real-World: Leveraging Smartphone Technology To Examine Rate Of Alcohol Consumption Effects On Subjective Responses In Heavy Drinkers

Publication Type
Conference Paper
Year of Publication
Vena, A.; Cao, D.; King, A.
45th Annual Speaker & Poster Abstracts of the Research Society on Alcoholism
Date Published
Orlando, Florida
alcohol consumption; AUD; Smartphone-based high-resolution ecological momentary assessment (HR-EMA); Treatment Outcomes
Smartphone-based high-resolution ecological momentary assessment (HR-EMA) can reliably and validly assess real-world alcohol consumption patterns and related outcomes. Using HR-EMA, we examined the rate of alcohol consumption and subjective alcohol responses in 237 young adult heavy drinkers during the first hour of a typical drinking episode in their natural environment. Findings show that frontloading is associated with enhanced pleasurable responses to alcohol (i.e. stimulation and reward), particularly at the beginning of a drinking session. This may contribute to the excessive alcohol intake and related problems that are characteristics of alcohol use disorder.