The Antibody Landscapes Following AS03 and MF59 Adjuvanted H5N1 Vaccination

Publication Type
Journal Article
Year of Publication
Goll, Johannes B; Jain, Aarti; Jensen, Travis L; Assis, Rafael; Nakajima, Rie; Jasinskas, Algis; Coughlan, Lynda; Cherikh, Sami R; Gelber, Casey E; Khan, S; Huw Davies, D; Meade, Philip; Stadlbauer, Daniel; Strohmeier, Shirin; Krammer, Florian; Chen, Wilbur H; Felgner, Philip L
NPJ Vaccines
Date Published
2022 Aug 30

Current seasonal and pre-pandemic influenza vaccines induce short-lived predominantly strain-specific and limited heterosubtypic responses. To better understand how vaccine adjuvants AS03 and MF59 may provide improved antibody responses to vaccination, we interrogated serum from subjects who received 2 doses of inactivated monovalent influenza A/Indonesia/05/2005 vaccine with or without AS03 or MF59 using hemagglutinin (HA) microarrays (NCT01317758 and NCT01317745). The arrays were designed to reflect both full-length and globular head HA derived from 17 influenza A subtypes (H1 to H16 and H18) and influenza B strains. We observed significantly increased strain-specific and broad homo- and heterosubtypic antibody responses with both AS03 and MF59 adjuvanted vaccination with AS03 achieving a higher titer and breadth of IgG responses relative to MF59. The adjuvanted vaccine was also associated with the elicitation of stalk-directed antibody. We established good correlation of the array antibody responses to H5 antigens with standard HA inhibition and microneutralization titers.