Harnessing Imaging Tools to Guide Immunotherapy Trials: Summary from the National Cancer Institute Cancer Imaging Steering Committee Workshop

Publication Type
Journal Article
Year of Publication
Shankar, Lalitha K; Schöder, Heiko; Sharon, Elad; Wolchok, Jedd; Knopp, Michael V; Wahl, Richard L; Ellingson, Benjamin M; Hall, Nathan C; Yaffe, Martin J; Towbin, Alexander J; Farwell, Michael D; Pryma, Daniel; Poussaint, Tina Young; Wright, Chadwick L; Schwartz, Lawrence; Harisinghani, Mukesh; Mahmood, Umar; Wu, Anna M; Leung, David; de Vries, Elisabeth G E; Tang, Ying; Beach, Gillian; Reeves, Steven A
Lancet Oncol
Date Published
2023 Mar
Humans; Image Processing, Computer-Assisted; Immunotherapy; Medical Oncology; National Cancer Institute (U.S.); Neoplasms; United States

As the immuno-oncology field continues the rapid growth witnessed over the past decade, optimising patient outcomes requires an evolution in the current response-assessment guidelines for phase 2 and 3 immunotherapy clinical trials and clinical care. Additionally, investigational tools-including image analysis of standard-of-care scans (such as CT, magnetic resonance, and PET) with analytics, such as radiomics, functional magnetic resonance agents, and novel molecular-imaging PET agents-offer promising advancements for assessment of immunotherapy. To document current challenges and opportunities and identify next steps in immunotherapy diagnostic imaging, the National Cancer Institute Clinical Imaging Steering Committee convened a meeting with diverse representation among imaging experts and oncologists to generate a comprehensive review of the state of the field.