Improvement in Outcomes of Clinical Islet Transplantation: 1999-2010

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Conference Paper
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Barton, FB;Rickels, MR;Alejandro, R;Hering, BJ;Wease, S;Naziruddin, B;Oberholzer, J;Odorico, JS;Garfinkel, MR;Levy, M;Pattou, F;Berney, T;Secchi, A;Messinger, S;Senior, PA;Maffi, P;Posselt, A;Stock, PG;Kaufman, DB;Luo, X;Kandeel, F;Cagliero, E;Turgeon, NA
72nd Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association
Date Published
Philadelphia, PA
Diabetes Care
{OBJECTIVE To describe trends of primary efficacy and safety outcomes of islet transplantation in type 1 diabetes recipients with severe hypoglycemia from the Collaborative Islet Transplant Registry (CITR) from 1999 to 2010. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS A total of 677 islet transplant-alone or islet-after-kidney recipients with type 1 diabetes in the CITR were analyzed for five primary efficacy outcomes and overall safety to identify any differences by early (1999-2002), mid (2003-2006), or recent (2007-2010) transplant era based on annual follow-up to 5 years. RESULTS Insulin independence at 3 years after transplant improved from 27% in the early era (1999-2002