Our Culture

Emmes, quite literally, translates as truth.

We see truth as power. So we seek it out. We are curious by nature, asking questions and solving problems, building a reputation for delivering honest, transparent assessments of our clients’ research plans.

We know that finding the truth is a truly collaborative endeavour. So, our people are empowered to work in partnership with our clients and we achieve success by sharing ideas and knowledge, openly and honestly.

It’s also true that change is an inherent part of growth. As we’ve grown, our visual identity has changed with our intent. Our delta and sigma symbols represent the key statistical parameters of change and variability, and have evolved to become a torch motif for shining a light on problems or new solutions. The conjoined ‘M’s’ of Emmes represent our legacy of collaboration.

Our past, present and future are all here. Truly full of potential.