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Emmes possesses deep experience in clinical research which we leverage on behalf of our clients. It is through our collaborative efforts with you that Emmes has conducted over 2,150 clinical trials and published 2,300+ peer-reviewed articles.

In this section of our site, we share our experience and publications with you as a tribute to our ongoing collaboration.



Immunogenicity and safety of varying dosages of a fifth-wave influenza A/H7N9 inactivated vaccine given with and without AS03 adjuvant in healthy adults


Jackson, L.A., Stapleton, J.T., Walter, E.B., Chen, W.H., Rouphael, N.G., Anderson, E.J., Neuzil, K.M., Winokur, P.L., Smith, M.J., Schmader, K.E., Swamy, G.K., Thompson, A.B., Mulligan, M.J., Rostad, C.A., Cross, K., Tsong, R., Wegel, A., Roberts, P.C.

The Accountability Triangle: Strategies for Successful Collaboration Between Investigator, Funding Agency, and CRO


Collins, J.A., Dobbins, R.A., Harris, J.P., Hefner, K., Lewis, M.K., McCormack, J., Rosa, C., Yesko, L.

Cognitive Outcomes at 2 Years Old in Children of Women with Epilepsy Are Associated with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Risk Genes: MONEAD Study

Li, Y., Zhang, S., Pennell, P., Cohen, M., Loring, D., Matthews, A., Robalino, C., Finnell, R., Snyde, M., Meador, K.

Subthreshold opioid use disorder prevention (STOP) trial: a cluster randomized clinical trial: study design and methods.

2023 Nov 18

Liebschutz, J.M., Subramaniam, G.A., Stone, R., Appleton, N., Gelberg, L., Lovejoy, T.I., Bunting, A.M., Cleland, C.M., Lasser, K.E., Beers, D., Abrams, C., McCormack, J., Potter, G.E., Case, A., Revoredo, L., Jelstrom, E.M., Kline, M.M., Wu, L.T., McNeely, J.

Baricitinib Treatment of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Is Associated With a Reduction in Secondary Infections.

2023 May

Sweeney, D.A., Tuyishimire, B., Ahuja, N., Beigel, J.H., Beresnev, T., Cantos, V.D., Castro, J.G., Cohen, S.H., Cross, K., Dodd, L.E., Erdmann, N., Fung, M., Ghazaryan, V., George, S.L., Grimes, K.A., Hynes, N.A., Julian, K.G., Kandiah, S., Kim, H.Jang, Levine, C.B., Lindholm, D.A., Lye, D.C., Maves, R.C., Oh, M.D., Paules, C., Rapaka, R.R., Short, W.R., Tomashek, K.M., Wolfe, C.R., Kalil, A.C.

Daily fosfomycin versus levofloxacin for complicated urinary tract infections.

2023 Sep 12

Rouphael, N., Winokur, P., Keefer, M.C., Traenkner, J., Drobeniuc, A., Doi, Y., Munsiff, S., Fowler, V.G., Evans, S., Oler, R.E., Tuyishimire, B., Lee, M., Ghazaryan, V., Chambers, H.F.

Home-based video assessment of ease of movement for patients with Duchenne: Interviews with physical therapists to select movement tasks.

2023 Jan 30

Contesse, M.G., Hodges, J., Staunton, H., Lowes, L.P., Elmankabadi, B., Elder, S.J., Ormazabal, M.Guridi, Pazze, L.Dalle, Leffler, M.G.

Neonatal Outcomes in the MONEAD Study of Pregnant Women with Epilepsy


Van Marter, L.J., Pennell, P., Brown, C., May, R., McElrath, T., Ippolito, D., Meador, K.J.

Antiepileptic Drug Exposure in Infants of Breastfeeding Mothers With Epilepsy.

2020 Apr 01

Birnbaum, A.K., Meador, K.J., Karanam, A., Brown, C., May, R.C., Gerard, E.E., Gedzelman, E.R., Penovich, P.E., Kalayjian, L.A., Cavitt, J., Pack, A.M., Miller, J.W., Stowe, Z.N., Pennell, P.B.