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Emmes possesses deep experience in clinical research which we leverage on behalf of our clients. It is through our collaborative efforts with you that Emmes has conducted over 2,150 clinical trials and published 2,300+ peer-reviewed articles.

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Pharmacokinetics of Ceftazidime-Avibactam in Combination with Aztreonam (COMBINE) in a Phase 1, Open-Label Study of Healthy Adults.

2022 Dec 20

Lodise, T.P., O'Donnell, N., Balevic, S., Liu, X., Gu, K., George, J., Raja, S., Guptill, J.T., Zaharoff, S., Schwager, N., Fowler, V.G., Wall, A., Wiegand, K., Chambers, H.F.

A Genetically Engineered Plasmodium Falciparum Parasite Vaccine Provides Protection from Controlled Human Malaria Infection

2022 Aug 24

Murphy, S.C., Vaughan, A.M., Kublin, J.G., Fishbauger, M., Seilie, A.M., Cruz, K.P., Mankowski, T., Firat, M., Magee, S., Betz, W., Kain, H., Camargo, N., Haile, M.T., Armstrong, J., Fritzen, E., Hertoghs, N., Kumar, S., Sather, N., Pinder, L.F., Deye, G.A., Galbiati, S., Geber, C., Butts, J., Jackson, L.A., Kappe, S.H.I.

PfSPZ-CVac Malaria Vaccine Demonstrates Safety Among Malaria-experienced Adults: A Randomized, Controlled Phase 1 Trial


Coulibaly, D., Kone, A.K., Traore, K., Niangaly, A., Kouriba, B., Arama, C., Zeguime, A., Dolo, A., Lyke, K.E., Plowe, C.V., Abebe, Y., Potter, G.E., Kennedy, J.K., Galbiati, S.M., Nomicos, E., Deye, G.A., Richie, T.L., James, E.R., Kc, N., Sim, K.Lee, Hoffman, S.L., Doumbo, O.K., Thera, M.A., Laurens, M.B.

Patient-Reported Outcomes and Frailty Among Participants in the NHLBI MDS Natural History Study


Abel, G.A., Hebert, D., Lee, C., Foran, J.M., Gore, S., Saber, W., Rollison, D., Padron, E., Wilson, S., Thompson, J., Waclawiw, M., Difronzo, N.L., Sekeres, M.A.

Factors Associated with Favourable 5 Year Outcomes in Islet Transplant Alone Recipients with Type 1 Diabetes Complicated By Severe Hypoglycaemia In The Collaborative Islet Transplant Registry

2023 Jan

Hering, B.J., Ballou, C.M., Bellin, M.D., Payne, E.H., Kandeel, F., Witkowski, P., Alejandro, R., Rickels, M.R., Barton, F.B.

Population Pharmacokinetics of Moxifloxacin in Children

2022 Mar

Greenberg, R.G., Landersdorfer, C.B., Rivera-Chaparro, N., Harward, M., Conrad, T., Nakamura, A., Kirkpatrick, C.M., Gu, K., Ghazaryhan, V., Osborn, B., Walter, E.B.

Treatment of Anal High-Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions to Prevent Anal Cancer.

2022 06 16

Palefsky, J.M., Lee, J.Y., Jay, N., Goldstone, S.E., Darragh, T.M., Dunlevy, H.A., Rosa-Cunha, I., Arons, A., Pugliese, J.C., Vena, D., Sparano, J.A., Wilkin, T.J., Bucher, G., Stier, E.A., Gomez, M.Tirado, Flowers, L., Barroso, L.F., Mitsuyasu, R.T., Lensing, S.Y., Logan, J., Aboulafia, D.M., Schouten, J.T., de la Ossa, J., Levine, R., Korman, J.D., Hagensee, M., Atkinson, T.M., Einstein, M.H., Cracchiolo, B.M., Wiley, D., Ellsworth, G.B., Brickman, C., Berry-Lawhorn, M.