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Emmes possesses deep experience in clinical research which we leverage on behalf of our clients. It is through our collaborative efforts with you that Emmes has conducted over 2,150 clinical trials and published 2,300+ peer-reviewed articles.

In this section of our site, we share our experience and publications with you as a tribute to our ongoing collaboration.



One-year Pilot Study on the Effects of Nitisinone on Melanin in Patients with OCA-1B

2019 Jan 24

Adams, D.R., Menezes, S., Jauregui, R., Valivullah, Z.M., Power, B., Abraham, M., Jeffrey, B.G., Garced, A., Alur, R.P., Cunningham, D., Wiggs, E., Merideth, M.A., Chiang, P.W., Bernstein, S., Ito, S., Wakamatsu, K., Jack, R.M., Introne, W.J., Gahl, W.A., Brooks, B.P.

Conversion of Central Subfield Thickness Measurements of Diabetic Macular Edema Across Cirrus and Spectralis Optical Coherence Tomography Instruments

2021 Dec 01

Sun, J.K., Josic, K., Melia, M., Glassman, A.R., Bailey, C., Chalam, K.V., Chew, E.Y., Cukras, C., Grover, S., Jaffe, G.J., Lee, R., Nielsen, J.S., Thompson, D.J.S., Wiley, H.E., Ferris, F.L.

SCORE2 Report 20: Relationship of Treatment Discontinuation With Visual Acuity and Central Subfield Thickness Outcomes

2023 Apr

Scott, I.U., Oden, N.L., VanVeldhuisen, P.C., Ip, M.S., Blodi, B.A.

Efficacy and Safety of Azithromycin versus Placebo to Treat Lower Respiratory Tract Infections Associated with Low Procalcitonin: a Randomised, Placebo-controlled, Double-blind, Non-inferiority Trial

2023 Apr

Tsalik, E.L., Rouphael, N.G., Sadikot, R.T., Rodriguez-Barradas, M.C., McClain, M.T., Wilkins, D.M., Woods, C.W., Swamy, G.K., Walter, E.B., Sahly, H.M.El, Keitel, W.A., Mulligan, M.J., Tuyishimire, B., Serti, E., Hamasaki, T., Evans, S.R., Ghazaryan, V., Lee, M.S., Lautenbach, E.

Implementation Facilitation to Promote Emergency Department-Initiated Buprenorphine for Opioid Use Disorder

2023 Apr 03

D'Onofrio, G., Edelman, J., Hawk, K.F., Chawarski, M.C., Pantalon, M.V., Owens, P.H., Martel, S.H., Rothman, R., Saheed, M., Schwartz, R.P., Cowan, E., Richardson, L., Salsitz, E., Lyons, M.S., Freiermuth, C., Wilder, C., Whiteside, L., Tsui, J.I., Klein, J.W., Coupet, E., O'Connor, P.G., Matthews, A.G., Murphy, S.M., Huntley, K., Fiellin, D.A.

Utility of Targeted Gene Sequencing to Differentiate Myeloid Malignancies from other Cytopenic Conditions

2023 Mar 22

DeZern, A.E., Goll, J.B., Lindsley, C., Bejar, R., Wilson, S.H., Hebert, D., Deeg, J., Zhang, L., Gore, S.D., Baghdadi, T.Al, Maciejewski, J.P., Liu, J.Jijun, Padron, E., Komrokji, R.S., Saber, W., Abel, G.A., Kroft, S.H., Harrington, A.M., Grimes, T., Reed, H.H.Vaughn, Fulton, R.S., Difronzo, N.L., Gillis, N., Sekeres, M.A., Walter, M.J.

Harnessing Imaging Tools to Guide Immunotherapy Trials: Summary from the National Cancer Institute Cancer Imaging Steering Committee Workshop

2023 Mar

Shankar, L.K., Schöder, H., Sharon, E., Wolchok, J., Knopp, M.V., Wahl, R.L., Ellingson, B.M., Hall, N.C., Yaffe, M.J., Towbin, A.J., Farwell, M.D., Pryma, D., Poussaint, T.Young, Wright, C.L., Schwartz, L., Harisinghani, M., Mahmood, U., Wu, A.M., Leung, D., de Vries, E.G.E., Tang, Y., Beach, G., Reeves, S.A.

Surmounting Withdrawal to Initiate Fast Treatment with Naltrexone (SWIFT): A Stepped Wedge Hybrid Type 1 Effectiveness-Implementation Study

2023 Mar 15

Greiner, M.G., Shulman, M., Opara, O., Potter, K., Voronca, D.C., Tafessu, H.M., Hefner, K., Hamilton, A., Scheele, C., Ho, R., Dresser, L., Jelstrom, E., Fishman, M., Ghitza, U.E., Rotrosen, J., Nunes, E.V., Bisaga, A.

Neutralizing Antibody Kinetics and Immune Protection Against Herpes Simplex Virus 1 Genital Disease in Vaccinated Women

2023 Feb 14

Belshe, R.B., Blevins, T.P., Yu, Y., Nethington, A.E., Bellamy, A., Bryant, C., Morrison, L.A.