Emmes Story

Here at Emmes, we are all about truth. From finding and exploring it, to giving it meaning and purpose. Above all, we are using truth to guide our research and build the relationships that improve human health around the world.

Our continuing quest for truth has enabled us to become a full-service clinical research organization (CRO), advancing our legacy of scientific excellence in clinical research through the end-to-end use of technology and AI, enabling the advancement of public health and driving biopharmaceutical innovation.

Our Experience

In our more than 45 years, we’ve conducted over 2,000 clinical trials across many therapeutic areas, building expertise in vaccines and infectious diseases, ophthalmology, neurology, rare diseases, and cell & gene therapies. Through our work we are helping advance the boundaries of knowledge in partnership and collaboration with our customers.

Working at the intersection of the public and private healthcare sectors, we’re uniquely placed to add value for you. To share insights and earned experience that inform progressive and adaptive study designs and to execute full-service clinical trials.

We’re proud of the contributions we’ve already made to public health, and excited about the future possibilities to collaborate on clinical studies that impact millions of people around the world. Whether that’s working on everything from rare diseases to gene and cell therapies, or through epidemics and pandemics, our search for truth is transforming and enhancing patient lives and trial outcomes.

Emmes History and Acquisition Timeline

How can we help you?

How can we help you?