With approximately a quarter of all clinical trials and up to 40% of drugs in the development pipeline focused on oncology, each day seems to bring innovations in research that result in new therapies for cancer patients. In this dynamic environment there is an increasing need for experienced contract research organizations (CROs) to partner with biopharmaceutical and government companies to meet the demand for oncology-related research and treatments.

Emmes has contributed to the advancement of oncology knowledge through participation in hundreds of global studies ranging from the most common tumor types to the rarest of cancers. In collaboration with biopharmaceutical companies and government, we confront the challenges of recruiting from small or geographically sparse patient populations and managing trials that are complex for investigative sites with innovative oncology solutions. Our unique expertise in adaptive/alternative study designs and biostatistics and oncology market research enables us to mitigate some of those challenges for our clients.

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Unique Experience

Emmes’ oncology study experience spans the public and private sectors. We have significant operational, logistical and regulatory experience working with biopharmaceutical firms developing oncology drugs across a wide array of tumor types. For over 40 years we have managed studies funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Such studies have allowed Emmes to develop strong relationships with various consortia including the AIDS Malgnancies Consortium, Translational Breast Cancer Research Consortium and Melanoma Research Foundation. Such private and public sector collaborations empower us to leverage oncology thought leaders to support our clients’ oncology research. Through these consortia, via a CRADA, we have supported registrational trials for biopharmaceutical clients.

Innovative Studies

With a focus on chemotherapies and biologics, Emmes has contributed to a number of groundbreaking studies including the following:

  • Practice-changing anal cancer prevention study
  • Practice-changing study of treatment for Anal HSIL
  • Pivotal melanoma vaccine trial
  • Rare disease studies with patient populations that have co-morbid conditions like HIV
  • RWE studies In oncology patient populations
  • Gene sequencing in MDS

Research with a Purpose

At Emmes, we approach oncology solutions with a patient-centric focus and a dedication to flexibility, transparency, and efficiency. We recognize the strong relationships and trust between patients and their doctors, and realize how critical that is for successful enrollment, high patient engagement, and low drop-out rates. In collaboration with the biopharmaceutical industry and government partners, we continue to strive for a future in which cancer no longer needs to be the highest proportion of clinical trials. 

Oncology Leaders
Don Vena
Vice President, Oncology Therapeutic Research Area
Robyn T. Burns
Robyn T. Burns
Associate Project Leader