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Our innovative therapeutic solutions have already improved the lives of millions of people. 

Find out how we’re shaping the treatment landscape for ophthalmology patients and ask how our global experience in age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and several rare eye diseases, can help you.

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We have a track record of proven outcomes working with multiple ophthalmic disease states, patient populations and recruitment strategies: an optimal package for supporting your ophthalmology clinical research.

Clinical Research Experience

Working in partnership with the National Eye Institute, Emmes has supported major clinical research, that has led to treatments in age-related macular degeneration and rare diseases, including Retinitis Pigmentosa, Stargardt’s, Ushers Syndrome, and X-linked Retinoschisis.

Emmes has supported advances in cell and gene therapies for inherited and rare ophthalmic disorders.

Our work on the AREDS and AREDS 2 trials is already supportingclients at the forefront of AMD science.

And our collaborations have made AREDS products available to patients at risk for Advanced AMD.

We also ran the ophthalmology clinical trials that produced IDx-DR, the first FDA approved, AI-based diagnostic system for diabetic retinopathy – a disease that blinds 24,000 people each year.


We’ve been a statistics-driven CRO from the start. By putting biostatisticians at the heart of the clinical trial journey, we can give you high quality data and optimized outcomes.

We understand the novel challenges with modelling correlated outcomes or estimating treatment effects for bilateral or unilateral diseases. We have deep expertise analyzing anatomic and functional ophthalmic outcomes as well as patient reported outcomes or questionnaires.

Emmes biostatisticians have developed sophisticated Data Safety Monitoring Reports to aid committees in their review of accumulated safety and efficacy data. We have created enhanced visualizations and patient-profile plots for both sponsors and DMCs.

Ophthalmology Leaders
Supriya Menezes, MS
Supriya Menezes, MS
Associate Vice President, Ophthalmology Therapeutic Research Unit
Specialty-Ophthalmic Products and Services

Specialty Ophthalmic Products and Services

Ask about OptymEdge and the opportunity to have your site personnel trained and certified in reliably acquiring high-quality visual acuity outcomes data in clinical trials.