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Emmes possesses deep experience in clinical research which we leverage on behalf of our clients. It is through our collaborative efforts with you that Emmes has conducted over 2,150 clinical trials and published 2,300+ peer-reviewed articles.

In this section of our site, we share our experience and publications with you as a tribute to our ongoing collaboration.





The Opioid Use Disorder Core Outcomes Set (OUD-COS) for Treatment Research: Findings from a Delphi Consensus Study

2022 Mar 16

Karnik, N.S., Marsden, J., McCluskey, C., Boley, R.A., Bradley, K.A., Campbell, C.I., Curtis, M.E., Fiellin, D., Ghitza, U., Hefner, K., Hser, Y.I., McHugh, K., McPherson, S.M., Mooney, L.J., Moran, L.M., Murphy, S.M., Schwartz, R.P., Shmueli-Blumberg, D., Shulman, M., Stephens, K.A., Watkins, K.E., Weiss, R.D., Wu, L.T.

First-in-Human Clinical Trial to Assess the Safety, Tolerability and Pharmacokinetics of Single Doses of NTM-1633, a Novel Mixture of Monoclonal Antibodies against Botulinum Toxin E

2022 Apr 19

Raja, S.M., Guptill, J.T., Juel, V.C., Walter, E.B., Cohen-Wolkowiez, M., Hill, H., Sendra, E., Hauser, B., Jackson, P., Tomic, M., Espinoza, Y., Swamy, G.K.

Maternal Body Composition and Gestational Weight Gain in Relation to Asthma Control During Pregnancy


Stevens, D.R., Rohn, M.C.H., Hinkle, S.N., Williams, A.D., Kumar, R., Lipsky, L.M., Grobman, W., Sherman, S., Kanner, J., Chen, Z., Mendola, P.

Patient Perceptions of Three Substance Use Screening Tools for Use During Pregnancy

2022 Apr 24

Trocin, K.E., Oga, E.A., Mulatya, C., Mark, K.S., Coleman-Cowger, V.H.

Qualitative Results from NIDA Grant


Trocin, K., Oga, E.A., Mulatya, C., Mark, K.S., Coleman-Cowger, V.H.

EVITA Dengue: a Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial to EValuate the Efficacy of Wolbachia-InfecTed Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in reducing the incidence of Arboviral Infection in Brazil

2022 Mar 02

Collins, M.H., Potter, G.E., Hitchings, M.D.T., Butler, E., Wiles, M., Kennedy, J.K., Pinto, S.B., Teixeira, A.B.M., Casanovas-Massana, A., Rouphael, N.G., Deye, G.A., Simmons, C.P., Moreira, L.A., Nogueira, M.L., Cummings, D., Ko, A., Teixeira, M.M., Edupuganti, S.

Short- vs Standard-Course Outpatient Antibiotic Therapy for Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Children: The SCOUT-CAP Randomized Clinical Trial

2022 Mar 01

Williams, D.J., Creech, B., Walter, E.B., Martin, J.M., Gerber, J.S., Newland, J.G., Howard, L., Hofto, M.E., Staat, M.A., Oler, R.E., Tuyishimire, B., Conrad, T.M., Lee, M.S., Ghazaryan, V., Pettigrew, M.M., Fowler, V.G., Chambers, H.F., Zaoutis, T.E., Evans, S., Huskins, C.

Cumulative Lactation and Clinical Metabolic Outcomes at Mid-Life among Women with a History of Gestational Diabetes

2022 Feb 03

Wander, P.L., Hinkle, S.N., Enquobahrie, D.A., Wu, J., Ley, S.H., Grunnet, L.G., Chavarro, J.E., Li, M., Bjerregaard, A.A., Liu, A., Damm, P., Sherman, S., Rawal, S., Zhu, Y., Chen, L., Mills, J.L., Hu, F.B., Vaag, A., Olsen, S.F., Zhang, C.