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Emmes possesses deep experience in clinical research which we leverage on behalf of our clients. It is through our collaborative efforts with you that Emmes has conducted over 2,150 clinical trials and published 2,300+ peer-reviewed articles.

In this section of our site, we share our experience and publications with you as a tribute to our ongoing collaboration.





PRimary Care Opioid Use Disorders treatment (PROUD) trial protocol: a pragmatic, cluster-randomized implementation trial in primary care for opioid use disorder treatment.

2021 01 31

Campbell, C.I., Saxon, A.J., Boudreau, D.M., Wartko, P.D., Bobb, J.F., Lee, A.K., Matthews, A.G., McCormack, J., Liu, D.S., Addis, M., Altschuler, A., Samet, J.H., LaBelle, C.T., Arnsten, J., Caldeiro, R.M., Borst, D.T., Stotts, A.L., Braciszewski, J.M., Szapocznik, J., Bart, G., Schwartz, R.P., McNeely, J., Liebschutz, J.M., Tsui, J.I., Merrill, J.O., Glass, J.E., Lapham, G.T., Murphy, S.M., Weinstein, Z.M., Yarborough, B.Jo H., Bradley, K.A.

Diagnosis of Myelodysplastic Syndromes and Related Conditions: Rates of Discordance between Local and Central Review in the NHLBI MDS Natural History Study

Nov 29

Zhang, L., Stablein, D.M., Epling-Burnette, P.K., Harrington, A.M., Moscinski, L.C., Kroft, S., DeZern, A.E., Baghdadi, A., Liu, J.J., Walter, M.J., Bejar, R., EJ, G., Komrokji, R.S., Abel, G.A., Scott, B.L., Gore, S.D., Sekeres, M.A.

Clonal Cytopenias of Undetermined Significance Are Common in Cytopenic Adults Evaluated for MDS in the National MDS Study

Nov 13

Goll, J.B., Coleman, L.R., Hooper, W.F., Bejar, R., Walker, J., Fulton, R., Abel, G.A., Baghdadi, A., Deeg, H.J., DeZern, A.E., Ebert, B., Epling-Burnette, P., Foran, J.M., Gorak, E.J., Gore, S.D., Komrokji, R.S., Liu, J.J., Maciejewski, J.P., Padron, E., Saber, W., Starczynowski, D.T., Waclawiw, M., DiFronzo, N., Sekeres, M.A., Zhang, L., Walter, M.J.

Patient-Reported Outcomes and Frailty Among Participants in the NHLBI MDS Natural History Study

Dec 5

Abel, G.A., Hebert, D., Lee, C., Foran, J.M., Gore, S., Saber, W., Rollison, D., E, P., Wilson, S., Thompson, J., Waclawiw, M., DeFronzo, N.L., Sekeres, M.A.

Targeted Sequencing of 7 Genes Can Help Reduce Pathologic Misclassification of MDS


Goll, J.B., Jensen, T.L., Lindsley, C., Bejar, R., Walker, J., Fulton, R., Abel, G.A., Baghdadi, T.Al, Deeg, J., DeZern, A.E., Ebert, B.L., Foran, J.M., Gorak, E.J., Gore, S.D., Komrokji, R., Liu, J.Jijun, Maciejewski, J.P., Padron, E., Saber, W., Starczynowski, D., Waclawiw, M., Wilson, S.H., Hebert, D., Reed, H., DiFronzo, N.L., Sekeres, M.A., Harrington, A.M., Kroft, S.H., Zhang, L.

Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography Predictors of Visual Acuity in the Study of COmparative Treatments for REtinal Vein Occlusion 2 (SCORE2).

2020 Dec 26

Etheridge, T., Blodi, B., Oden, N., Van Veldhuisen, P., Scott, I.U., Ip, M.S., Mititelu, M., Domalpally, A.

Improved Clinical Outcomes with Omidubicel versus Standard Myeloablative Umbilical Cord Blood Transplantation: Results of a Phase III Randomized, Multicenter Study

Horwitz, M.E., tiff, P., Rezvani, A.R., Hwang, W.Ying Khee, Karras, N., Valcarcel, D., Koh, L.Piu, yasser, K., Keating, A.K., Segalovich, I., Sanz, G., Cutler, C., Brunstein, C.G., Hanna, R., McGuirk, J.P., Lindemans, C.A., Maziarz, R.T., Schiller, G.J., Hammerschlak, N., Frankfurt, O., Blackwell, B., Galamidi, E.

The Influence of ICF and ICF Core Sets in Selecting the NINDS Cerebral Palsy Common Data Element Outcome Measures

Brandenburg, J., Schiariti, V., Mendoza-Puccini, C., Feldman, R., Joseph, K., Esterlitz, Jon behalf