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Emmes possesses deep experience in clinical research which we leverage on behalf of our clients. It is through our collaborative efforts with you that Emmes has conducted over 2,150 clinical trials and published 2,300+ peer-reviewed articles.

In this section of our site, we share our experience and publications with you as a tribute to our ongoing collaboration.



Safety of sildenafil in premature infants at risk of bronchopulmonary dysplasia: Rationale and methods of a phase II randomized trial.

2022 Dec

Lang, J.E., Hornik, C.D., Martz, K., Jacangelo, J., Anand, R., Greenberg, R., Hornik, C., Zimmerman, K., Smith, B., Benjamin, D.K., Laughon, M.

Adverse Reactions in a Phase 1 Trial of the Anti-Malarial DM1157: An Example of Pharmacokinetic Modeling and Simulation Guiding Clinical Trial Decisions.

2022 Apr

Balevic, S.J., Raja, S.M., Randell, R., Deye, G.A., Conrad, T., Nakamura, A., Peyton, D.H., Shotwell, S., Liebman, K., Cohen-Wolkowiez, M., Guptill, J.T.

Expanding access to early phase trials: the CATCH-UP.2020 experience.

2023 Jan 03

Baranda, J.C., Diaz, F.J., Rubinstein, L., Shields, A.F., Dayyani, F., Mehta, A., Mehnert, J.M., Trent, J., Mabaera, R., Mooney, M., Moscow, J.A., Doroshow, J., Waters, B., Ivy, P., Gore, S.D., Thomas, A.

An Oil-in-Water adjuvant significantly increased influenza A/H7N9 split virus Vaccine-Induced circulating follicular helper T (cT) cells and antibody responses.

2022 Nov 22

Lai, L., Rouphael, N., Xu, Y., Kabbani, S., Beck, A., Sherman, A., Anderson, E.J., Bellamy, A., Weiss, J., Cross, K., Mulligan, M.J.

Safety and immunogenicity of live, attenuated intranasal Bordetella pertussis vaccine (BPZE1) in healthy adults

2022 Nov 08

Creech, B., Jimenez-Truque, N., Kown, N., Sokolow, K., Brady, E.J., Yoder, S., Solovay, K., Rubin, K., Noviello, S., Hensel, E., Selamawi, S., Bakare, A., Makowski, M., Lu, K.

The Antibody Landscapes Following AS03 and MF59 Adjuvanted H5N1 Vaccination

2022 Aug 30

Goll, J.B., Jain, A., Jensen, T.L., Assis, R., Nakajima, R., Jasinskas, A., Coughlan, L., Cherikh, S.R., Gelber, C.E., Khan, S., Davies, H., Meade, P., Stadlbauer, D., Strohmeier, S., Krammer, F., Chen, W.H., Felgner, P.L.

Baricitinib versus Dexamethasone for Adults Hospitalised with COVID-19 (ACTT-4): a Randomised, Double-blind, Double Placebo-controlled Trial

2022 Sep

Wolfe, C.R., Tomashek, K.M., Patterson, T.F., Gomez, C.A., Marconi, V.C., Jain, M.K., Yang, O.O., Paules, C.I., Palacios, G.M.Ruiz, Grossberg, R., Harkins, M.S., Mularski, R.A., Erdmann, N., Sandkovsky, U., Almasri, E., Pineda, J.Regalado, Dretler, A.W., de Castilla, D.Lopez, Branche, A.R., Park, P.K., Mehta, A.K., Short, W.R., McLellan, S.L.F., Kline, S., Iovine, N.M., Sahly, H.M.El, Doernberg, S.B., Oh, M.D., Huprikar, N., Hohmann, E., Kelley, C.F., Holodniy, M., Kim, E.Suk, Sweeney, D.A., Finberg, R.W., Grimes, K.A., Maves, R.C., Ko, E.R., Engemann, J.J., Taylor, B.S., Ponce, P.O., Larson, L.A., Melendez, D.Paolo, Seibert, A.M., Rouphael, N.G., Strebe, J., Clark, J.L., Julian, K.G., de Leon, A.Ponce, Cardoso, A., de Bono, S., Atmar, R.L., Ganesan, A., Ferreira, J.L., Green, M., Makowski, M., Bonnett, T., Beresnev, T., Ghazaryan, V., Dempsey, W., Nayak, S.U., Dodd, L.E., Beigel, J.H., Kalil, A.C.

Safety of Ceftazidime-Avibactam in Combination with Aztreonam (COMBINE) in a Phase I, Open-Label Study in Healthy Adult Volunteers.

2022 Dec 20

Lodise, T.P., O'Donnell, N., Raja, S., Guptill, J.T., Zaharoff, S., Schwager, N., Fowler, V.G., Beresnev, T., Wall, A., Wiegand, K., Chrisos, E.Serti, Balevic, S., Chambers, H.F.

A Randomized Controlled Trial Showing Safety and Efficacy of A Whole Sporozoite Vaccine Against Endemic Malaria

DEC /2022

Sirima, S.B., Ouedraogo, A., Tiono, A.B., Kaboré, J.M., Bougouma, E.C., Ouattara, M.S., Kargougou, D., Diarra, A., Henry, N., Ouédraogo, I.N., Billingsley, P.F., Manoj, A., Abebe, Y., Kc, N., Ruben, A., Richie, T.L., James, E.R., Joshi, S., Shrestha, B., Strauss, K., Lyke, K.E., Plowe, C.V., Potter, G.E., Cox, C., Jones, W., Sim, B.K.L., Hoffman, S.L., Laurens, M.B.