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Emmes possesses deep experience in clinical research which we leverage on behalf of our clients. It is through our collaborative efforts with you that Emmes has conducted over 2,150 clinical trials and published 2,300+ peer-reviewed articles.

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Identifying patients with opioid use disorder using International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes: Challenges and opportunities.

2023 Sep 15

Osterhage, K.P., Hser, Y.I., Mooney, L.J., Sherman, S., Saxon, A.J., Ledgerwood, M., Holtzer, C.C., Gehring, M.A., Clingan, S.E., Curtis, M.E., Baldwin, L.M.

Health-related quality of life and vulnerability among people with myelodysplastic syndromes: a US national study

2023 Jul 25

Abel, G.A., Hebert, D., Lee, C., Rollison, D., Gillis, N., Komrokji, R., Foran, J.M., Liu, J.Jijun, Baghdadi, T.Al, Deeg, J., Gore, S., Saber, W., Wilson, S., Otterstatter, M., Thompson, J., Borchert, C., Padron, E., DeZern, A., Cella, D., Sekeres, M.A.

Single-Dose Psilocybin Treatment for Major Depressive Disorder: A Randomized Clinical Trial.

2023 Sep 05

Raison, C.L., Sanacora, G., Woolley, J., Heinzerling, K., Dunlop, B.W., Brown, R.T., Kakar, R., Hassman, M., Trivedi, R.P., Robison, R., Gukasyan, N., Nayak, S.M., Hu, X., O'Donnell, K.C., Kelmendi, B., Sloshower, J., Penn, A.D., Bradley, E., Kelly, D.F., Mletzko, T., Nicholas, C.R., Hutson, P.R., Tarpley, G., Utzinger, M., Lenoch, K., Warchol, K., Gapasin, T., Davis, M.C., Nelson-Douthit, C., Wilson, S., Brown, C., Linton, W., Ross, S., Griffiths, R.R.

Discordant Pathologic Diagnoses of Myelodysplastic Neoplasms and Their Implications for Registries and Therapies.

2023 Aug 08

Gorak, E., Otterstatter, M., Baghdadi, T.Al, Gillis, N., Foran, J.M., Liu, J.Jijun, Bejar, R., Gore, S.D., Kroft, S.H., Harrington, A.M., Saber, W., Starczynowski, D.T., Rollison, D.E., Zhang, L., Moscinski, L.C., Wilson, S.H., Thompson, J., Borchert, C., Sherman, S., Hebert, D., Walker, M.Ellen, Padron, E., DeZern, A., Sekeres, M.A.

Development of a Kinetic ELISA and Reactive B Cell Frequency Assay to Detect Respiratory Syncytial Virus Pre-Fusion F Protein-Specific Immune Responses in Infants

2023 May 31

Rolsma, S.L., Yoder, S.M., Nargi, R.S., Brady, E., Jimenez-Truque, N., Thomsen, I., Kontos, M., Carnahan, R.H., Sutton, R.E., Armstrong, E., Dally, L., Crowe, J.E., Edwards, K.M., Creech, B.

Assessment of Screening Tools to Identify Substance Use Disorders Among Adolescents

2023 May 01

Levy, S., Brogna, M., Minegishi, M., Subramaniam, G., McCormack, J., Kline, M., Menzin, E., Allende-Richter, S., Fuller, A., Lewis, M., Collins, J., Hubbard, Z., Mitchell, S.G., Weiss, R., Weitzman, E.

Food-specific immunoglobulin A does not Correlate with Natural Tolerance to Peanut or Egg Allergens

2022 Nov 16

Liu, E.G., Zhang, B., Martin, V., Anthonypillai, J., Kraft, M., Grishin, A., Grishina, G., Catanzaro, J.R., Chinthrajah, S., Sindher, T., Manohar, M., Quake, A.Zoe, Nadeau, K., Burks, W., Kim, E.H., Kulis, M.D., Henning, A.K., Jones, S.M., Leung, D.Y.M., Sicherer, S.H., Wood, R.A., Yuan, Q., Shreffler, W., Sampson, H., Shabanova, V., Eisenbarth, S.C.

A Randomized, Controlled Phase 1b Trial of the Sm-TSP-2 Vaccine for Intestinal Schistosomiasis in Healthy Brazilian Adults Living in an Endemic Area

2023 Mar

Diemert, D.J., Correa-Oliveira, R., Fraga, C.Geraldo, Talles, F., Silva, M.Rezende, Patel, S.M., Galbiati, S., Kennedy, J.K., Lundeen, J.S., Gazzinelli, M.Flavia, Li, G., Hoeweler, L., Deye, G.A., Bottazzi, M.Elena, Hotez, P.J., Sahly, H.M.El, Keitel, W.A., Bethony, J., Atmar, R.L.

Care Coordination between Rural Primary Care and Telemedicine to Expand Medication Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder: Results from a Single-arm, Multisite Feasibility Study

2023 Apr 19

Hser, Y.I., Mooney, L.J., Baldwin, L.M., Ober, A., Marsch, L.A., Sherman, S., Matthews, A., Clingan, S., Fei, Z., Zhu, Y., Dopp, A., Curtis, M.E., Osterhage, K.P., Hichborn, E.G., Lin, C., Black, M., Calhoun, S., Holtzer, C.C., Nesin, N., Bouchard, D., Ledgerwood, M., Gehring, M.A., Liu, Y., Ha, N.Ah, Murphy, S.M., Hanano, M., Saxon, A.J.