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Emmes Acquires Essex Management

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A Technology Catalyst Enabling Innovative Clinical Research, Essex Enriches and Complements Emmes’ Services

Emmes, a global, full-service Clinical Research Organization (CRO) dedicated to supporting the advancement of public health and biopharmaceutical innovation, today announced the acquisition of Essex Management.  Essex offers bioinformatics and health information technology (HIT) consulting services to government, private sector and academic organizations.

This is the sixth acquisition Emmes has made in just over two years, reflecting its strategy to grow both organically and through the addition of complementary and new services for its clients.  

Emmes Chief Executive Officer Dr. Christine Dingivan said, “Essex’s bioinformatics technology expertise, combined with our CRO services, will open doors to new opportunities with a wider set of government agencies and create innovative data strategies for our biopharma clients.  Essex’s focus on breaking down barriers in clinical research with technology solutions is completely aligned with Emmes’ mission and values.

"The combination of our two organizations further cements Emmes’ reputation as a data-forward, full-service clinical research partner,” she continued. “Adding Essex’s technology skills and experience to our innovative data and advanced analytics solutions strengthens our ability to help clients address the global health challenges we face now and in the future.”

Like Emmes, Essex shares a successful track record with the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Emmes has provided a range of statistical and data analysis support to NCI since 1978, and Essex has supported NCI since the company’s founding in 2009. Two of Essex’s most prestigious NCI contracts support the Clinical Trials Reporting Program, a comprehensive database of all cancer clinical trials, and the Clinical Reporting and Research Informatics Initiative. Essex will add more than 100 employees to Emmes’ 1,400, continuing to boost its stature as a major biosciences employer.

“Presenting our complementary service offerings will open new avenues of growth, not only within NCI but with other NIH agencies,” said Kevin Hurley, Essex’s chief executive officer. “Data is revolutionizing clinical trials in health care, and scientific advances such as genomics are generating an even greater need for data-driven research. Our HIT and bioinformatics depth and Emmes’ track record for long, successful partnerships with its public sector clients will make a potent combination.”

Dr. Paul VanVeldhuisen, president of Emmes Public Sector, noted, “We have been so impressed with the Essex team’s commitment to excellence and intellectual curiosity – values that are part of the fabric of the Emmes culture.

“Essex is a recognized leader in computational biology and informatics,” he added. “Its reputation as a technology catalyst for life science innovation will add great value to Emmes.”

About Essex
Essex, a biomedical informatics and health information technology-focused consultancy, was founded in 2009. Its staff includes experts with extensive experience in developing and managing complex health and biomedical information programs for clients in the federal government, research academia, and private sector. Essex’s goal is to optimize its clients’ investment in IT and informatics to achieve better results for patients and clinicians.  

About Emmes
Founded more than 45 years ago, Emmes is a global, full-service Clinical Research Organization dedicated to excellence in supporting the advancement of public health and biopharmaceutical innovation. The company’s clients include numerous agencies and institutes of the U.S. federal government and a wide range of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies throughout the world. To learn more about how our research is making a positive impact on human health, go to the Emmes website at

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