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AIDS dementia complex in the Italian National AIDS Registry: temporal trends (1987-93) and differential incidence according to mode of transmission of HIV-1 infection.

1996 Dec

Journal Article

Chiesi, A.; Seeber, A.C.; Dally, L.G.; Floridia, M.; Rezza, G.; Vella, S.

J Neurol Sci






Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome; Adult; AIDS Dementia Complex; CD4 Lymphocyte Count; Confidence Intervals; Female; HIV-1; Humans; Incidence; Italy; Male; Middle Aged; Registries; Retrospective Studies; Risk Factors; Survival Rate

OBJECTIVES: To investigate the occurrence of AIDS dementia complex (ADC) in Italy and its incidence over time, examining possible correlations between this condition and some demographic and immunological variables.DESIGN: Inception cohort. Data collected from the case notification forms of the Italian National AIDS Registry.SUBJECTS: 16813 consecutive AIDS cases reported to the National AIDS Registry from August 1, 1987 through October 31, 1993 were included.STATISTICAL METHODS: All data refer to the time of AIDS diagnosis as reported on the case notification forms. Main analyses of the monthly proportion of ADC cases were by multiple logistic regression.RESULTS: 1364 subjects (8.1%) were reported with a diagnosis of ADC as the first AIDS defining disease, either as the only manifestation or associated with other AIDS defining conditions. At the time of AIDS diagnosis, the observed ADC/AIDS proportion was significantly higher among intravenous drug users (IVDU), 9.1%, compared to heterosexuals, 6.3%, and homo-bisexual men, 5.2%. Simple logistic regression analysis showed a significant (p < 0.0001) quadratic trend in the monthly ADC/AIDS proportion, peaking in March 1990 and decreasing thereafter. Multiple logistic regression, adjusting for month of diagnosis, showed that IVDUs have consistently the highest risk and homo-bisexual men the lowest, although differences tended to decrease with increasing age. Older age, in fact, was highly associated with an increased risk, especially within the homo-bisexual and heterosexual transmission categories. CD4 + cells counts proved to have no significant effect on the risk of progressing to AIDS with ADC rather than with any other AIDS indicative disease.CONCLUSIONS: ADC is a relatively frequent manifestation at diagnosis of AIDS among Italian patients, and particularly in IVDUs. Differences in its occurrence were found according to time of diagnosis, transmission category and age.

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