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Applicability of NINDS-Sponsored Studies to Community-Based Physician Involvement


Journal Article

Lindblad, A.S.; Clemons, T.; Lindblad, R.; Sykes, R.; Meador, K.J.; Odenkirchen, J.C.; Hart, R.G.





Biomedical Research; Clinical Trials as Topic; Community Health Centers; Interdisciplinary Communication; Mass Screening; neurology; Patient Selection; physicians; Research as Topic; Research NIH Extramural

BACKGROUND: The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) Clinical Trials Group established the Clinical Research Collaboration (CRC) Project in 2005 to increase community-based physician involvement in NINDS-sponsored research. METHODS: We assessed a random sample of 112 of the more than 1,000 current NINDS-sponsored clinical research studies to determine which could involve community physicians in enrollment or follow-up. Scoring factors were based on the premise that participation is feasible for noninvasive studies with simple screening, and follow-up criteria and visit frequency consistent with usual care. Scored studies included 26 Phase III, 31 Phase I/II, and 55 nonclinical trials. RESULTS: Overall, 41% of the sampled research studies were considered conducive to community physician participation that exceeds referral only; 21% with participation in all study activities and 20% with ability to provide some follow-up. Specialized neuropsychological or neurologic scale testing was judged to exclude community physician participation in 16% of studies. CONCLUSION: Many National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke studies are available in which community-based physicians could participate. Involving community physicians may increase efficiency of completing clinical research and encourage application of research findings in community practices.

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