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Islet Cell Transplantation in Type 1 Diabetes: An Analysis of Clinical Outcomes in Data from the Collaborative Islet Transplant Registry (CITR)


Conference Paper

Tiwari, J.; Schneider, B.; Barton, F.; Anderson, S.

The 2012 Joint Statistical Meetings

San Diego, CA


CITR; endpoint; Islet cell transplant; sample size; study design; Type 1 diabetes

Allogeneic pancreatic islet cell transplantation is regulated as an experimental therapy by the Food and Drug Administration. We have analyzed four clinical and laboratory outcomes measured on 340 subjects who have received one, two, or three transplants. At one year, 59% (95% CI: 52, 64) of the subjects maintained HbA1c value at < 6.5 and were free of severe hypoglycemic episodes. The Kaplan-Meier survival analysis showed that 69%, 54%, and 44% of these one-year responders maintained this composite endpoint at two, three and four years, respectively. These and other outcome results can be very useful in developing study designs, sample size estimates, and analytical plans for future pivotal trials of islet cell transplantation.

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