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First Safety & Immunogenicity Data from a FIH, Placebo-controlled, Dose escalation Trial of a Recombinant Vesicular Stomatitis Virus based Lassa Fever Vaccine in Healthy Adults


Conference Paper

Malkin E,; Baden, L,; Kieh M,; Fitz Patrick D, ; Diemert D,; Mutua G,; Philiponis V,; Zaric M,; Hunt D,; Barin B,; Engelbrecht M,; Malherbe M,; Walker K,; Lehrman J,; Fast P,; Parks C,; Gupta SB

ASTMH 72nd Annual Meeting

Chicago, IL


IAVI is developing a Lassa Fever vaccine using the attenuated chimeric VSV design (rVSVΔG-LASV-GPC) also used in the licensed Ebola Zaire vaccine, ERVEBO® (Merck). The Lassa virus (LASV) vaccine was generated by replacing the VSV surface G protein with the LASV glycoprotein complex (GPC). Vaccination with 2x105 or 2x107 pfus protected non-human primates from infection with LASV. A Phase 1 clinical trial enrolled 113 participants, 52 in a dose escalation (US) and 61 in a dose expansion (60 in Liberia, 1 in US). The dose escalation is unblinded and the dose expansion remains blinded.

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